Android: traffic light warnings issued, though they are disabled
  • Hi...

    In Navigator Free 1.2.25 I see problems after the introduction of the speed limit warning. There are several issues.

    1. Given, I have the traffic light warnings chosen, but the acoustic warnings disabled. If the speed limit warning is chosen, there will be acoustic warnings for the traffic light radars as well, though they are explicitly disabled.

    2. Having the speed limit enabled and a speed limit displayed, disabling the limit will not erase the last shown speed limit from the screen. It will remain unchanged regardless of the current speed limit. And it will not vanish until the next start of the application.

    3. It does not seem possible to configure the acoustic speed limit warning. I'd like to see the speed limit, but not receive an acoustic warning.

    But I am very happy about the progress in general. Getting to see the current speed limit was one of the biggest points I missed after switching from Windows Mobile to Android.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Hi! 
    In Android, You can delete warning wav files, or change it to nice voices: 'Attention
    For 500 meters speed control, for 500 meters speed control.', or sth like this.

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