Navigator Android+TomTom Problems to find a street
  • Hello,

    I'am using Navigator for Android 0.13.27 with bought TomTom US maps. I have big trouble to find streets (espacially state routes) in the software. Example:

    I'am searching for the following state route:

    New Jersey


    Route 17


    So I get no results if I'am searching for this in the normal adress search. 

    BUT if I open the map and click on the street and than on the info button it shows me exactly the information i post at the top. AND if i use google search for street finding it works also perfect and navigates me to this point.

    Is this a bug or do i something wrong?

    best regards

    P.s Is an updating of tomtom maps included? If yes how often?
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  • Hello, no suggestions about this "bug"? 
  • please be patient, it is bank holiday today
  • Hello Sascha,
    I suppose you are writing about "State Route 17" in New Jersey. I checked address points TT2012.12 and number 201 is still missing there. Hopefully it will be fixed with some future TT map updates.

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