How to download Cuba maps (no wi-fi access)
  • Hello all!
       I would like to use MapFactor Navigator free, but I have a problem: I live in Cuba and I don't have any wi-fi network available near by; besides, our cell network provider doesn't support 3G or data transfer so far. Is there any means to download Cuba maps to a PC and then transfer those maps to the device?
      Any idea or suggestion will be most wellcomed.

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  • pc version is here:
    maps are the same for PC and Android version, you will need to copy them to navigator/data folder on your phone
  • Really? That easy!?
    Thanks for the info! I'll give it a try.

  • Well, I guess the server from where I am suppossed to download the maps closes the connection due to my slow speed. I get "Connection Closed" message all the time...
    Too bad!
  • try in the morning, it is less busy
  • I'll do...thanks again.
  • Well, I finally managed to download the cuba_osm.mca map, but then the utility tries to download earth_osm.mca which is too big for me to download. After almost 15 minutes, I get the message "Connection Closed". Downloading 70Mb for me is only possible using a download manager, but this is not the case. Of course, I tried copying the file cuba_osm.mca to the folder sdcard/navigator/data on the phone; with no success. So, the question is: Is it possible to use Navigator without this big file? Is this file (earth_osm.mca) available anywhere in any public ftp server or mediafire?
    Please, let me know...any help will be welcomed.
    Thanks for your attention!

  • Well, I finally managed to make Navigator work. I don't know if this is technically or legally correct; but I just made a copy of the file cuba_osm.mca and renamed it to earth_osm.mca; copied to sdcard/navigator/data folder and it worked! Of course, there are no country limits with the sea; but it surely works. I am happy I can finally work with navigator. BTW, it is excelent!
    I thought I had to post this just in case someone faces the same issue.

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