TMC (Traffic Message Channel) with Navigator Free 12
  • Hello, I use "Navigator Free 12" on a chinese 7" WINCE6 device. Somwhere I read, that it´s capable to use TMC. I have a Royaltek external TMC- receiver that works well with the device. I would need the settings for a proper connection and where I can adjust it.
    Maybe someone has expierienced that bef
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  • Only Germany has TMC tables in OSM data, so TMC with Navigator FREE will work in Germany only.
    Royaltek is supported, all you have to do is go to Settings/TMC/TMC Device and configure it there.
  • Thanks a lot, every little bit counts, so do the TMC infos in Germany. I know, TMC isn´t that reliable, but sometimes it can be pretty useful ;-)
    Thankful greetings, Alfred

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