No maps for French overseas departments, Afghanistan, Caribbean states.
  • Looking at the program and available maps I'm quite impressed. However there seem to be some areas that have been overlooked. So far I've noticed French overseas departments (Reunion, Guadeloupe, etc), parts of the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Trinidad), Afghanistan. Are these areas being overlooked for some reason? Is there a plan to add them?
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  • Hello,
    thanks for your comment - since today will be generated based on maps for version 11. Recently somebody mentioned Puerto Rico, which is added now. Others are probably the same case - computed but missing in the list for update. I will check that and let you know.
  • afghanistan_osm - relation 303427, conversion failed due to
    id_junction: 684822112, expansion: 121
    id_junction: 684822076, expansion: 123
    fixed in
    you should see it for download for version 11 tomorrow (after servers sync)
    more tomorrow
  • fixed:
    Equatorial Guinea OSM
    Lesotho OSM
    Liberia OSM
    Trinidad_and Tobago OSM
  • Is there any relation (with boundary=administrative) for U.S. Virgin Islands?
    ... ignore, relation ID = 286898.

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