Processing planet101103.osm.bz2 - Status Report
  • priority processing:
    New Caledonia ... done

    boundary problems:
    usa_connecticut_osm (relation 165794, manually fixed)
    usa_new_york_osm (relation 61320, manually fixed)
    usa_georgia_osm (relation 161957)
    usa_new_jersey_osm (relation 224951)
    usa_north_carolina_osm (relation 224045)
    usa_rhode_island_osm (relation 392915)
    usa_virginia_osm (relation 224042)

    network node expansion limit exceeded:
    usa_illinois_osm (fixed in changeset='6433276')
    usa_maryland_osm (fixed in changeset='6438353')
    usa_texas_osm (fixed in changeset='6429439')
    usa_oregon_osm (fixed by Bilbo in changeset='6453892')

    Extra request:
    philippines_osm - due to boundary problems (relation 443174) used bounding rectangle only (degbox=115.803658,5.105901,127.223494,19.272269)
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  • usa_new_jersey_osm (relation 224951) was not fixed even in planet101201 - "blind" fix of boundary (changeset=6595328)
  • usa_georgia_osm (relation 161957) was also not fixed in planet101202 - modified by two changesets: 6595711 and 6595891

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