Route not found
  • Hi all.
    During navigation, sometimes the browser says "Route not found", especially when I choose the mode "fastest route".
    I set the "shortest
    route", giving him time to calculate the route, and then reset to "fastest route".
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  • Hello All

    I come across this response quite frequently - mainly because my vehicle is 3M high.

    It would really wonderful if there was some way of identifying where the problem point/s is/are.

    Perhaps and option to 'Show First Problem Point on Map' - quite often a small re-routing will obviate the block, but its knowing where to start looking.

    Perhaps one for the next edition!


    Fred F.
  • Hi, my problem is that I mark a route and can find the way, but when I reverse it the anwser is "route not found", I tried coordinates, street names, but always the same, the route is
    3900 NW 25th St, Miami,FLorida 33142, EE.UU.
    193rd St, SUnny Isles Beach, Florida 33160.


  • OSM map has to be improved.
    Sunny Isles Beach (193rd St) is one way route.
    Small part of this road must be two way:

    Paolo, please show one example. The shortest and the fastest should give us the same possibility of routing.

    Fred, if You set car profil for big car, be carefull, because OSM map is created by volunteers and is not as good as TomTom map. One example /start and destination/ please.

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