Reverting to older OSM maps
  • Hi --

    I installed the latest version of Navigator Free on my laptop and downloaded the map covering Australia.

    With this download I had difficulties setting addresses because most of the suburb names have been removed in the purge of changes that took place when the dudes over in OSM decided to remove the amendments to maps that had been made by those who had not signed an agreement with them.

    My home suburb of Windsor Gardens no longer exists on the Australian map, so it is impossible to add my street name.  Thus I cannot set my home as a navigation destination.  Most Australian suburbs are missing so as a navigation aid Navigator becomes almost useless.

    Fortunately after a lot of digging around I found that I had the mid-2012 map of Australia (which pre-dates the purge) on my desktop PC and have installed this on the laptop so now all is good.

    Can I make a suggestion.  For those who do not have the pre-purge maps could you provide a link to download them from your server?  It might prevent the problems I encountered.


    Edit --
    If anybody wants the 2012 maps of Australia and New Zealand I'm willing to e-mail them.
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  • If you use old Navigator 11 setup utility you will get the last pre-purge maps
  • Hey Martin --

    Thanks for the link.  It's appreciated.


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