MapFactor Navigator 0.12.18 calculating the route problem on Android
  • Hello

    I couldn't find this problem on the forum. I recently tried to navigate whilst on the road to one on 'my places' in the UK and got the message 'Calculating the route. Please wait' then the app exits to the android menu page. When I got home I tried some other places and it seems to work with destinations about 30 minutes away but fails with desinations further afield. 

    Can you help? 

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  • please provide departure and destination, best li lat/long
  • Hello tomas

    for example departure 51.584297,0.161469 destination 51.802511,0.763872 navigate calculates route okay

    However, departure 51.584297,0.161469 destination 51.454689,-0.302424 or 51.331631,1.118889 navigate results in exit to android menu



  • I cannot replicate this problem, it calculates fine on my phone
    try this - close Navigator, go to application manager in Android, select Navigator and click Clear data
    then stert Navigator and try calculating your routes
  • Tried that, no luck. Are there any log files I could send?
  • logs are in the navigator/logs folder

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