Alarm by POIs: wrong signal
  • Hi all.
    I'm using MapFactor free.
    I imported
    some POIs including speed cameras.
    I noticed that the alarm sound is executed even when I am NOT crossing the road on which the
    speed cameras is located: if I enter a viaduct on the highway and in the highway is positioned a speed camera under the viaduct, the alarm signal is executed.
    This creates confusion.

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  • "This creates confusion."

    .. but at least it keeps you driving carefully :-) 

  • Yes, of course.
    But I would like to know if the speed camera is on my route!
  • The Problem is the way how speed cameras are collected in OpenStreeMap. Most of them are beneath the street as a point (node) without any relation to the road. So Mapfactor will warn you, if a speed-camera-node is near the street, because in some cases - the one you spoke about above - it can't be clear, which road is controlled. That is the saver way for you because it's better to be warned one time to much than one time less.
  • Note, that the source of speed camera data is not necessarily OpenStreetMap i.e. it is not linked to map data. There are coordinates, speed limit and angle, which can resolve some ambiguity.
  • Thanks for answers.
    But I would like to know how the navigation
    program MapFactor Free handles beeps:
    • when the PoI is on my way?
    • when my position is within x meters?
    Thank you.
  • why is this important?
  • Because I want to better understand how to set up alerts.
  • " ... when my position is within x meters?"

    That's my experience. Also if you drive on an other street, which is only nearby.

    HTH, Reinhard


  • Thanks for reply.
    It was what I thought too.
  • Hi all.
    It seems to me
    that sounds of alarm for speed cameras work differently when I navigate to a destination and when I use the map without set destination.
    While navigation, alarms are recognized only if they are located along the way to go.
    Otherwise, the program
    applies the rule of to the radius of x meters.
    Is that correct?

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