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  • Hi All, I am new to this wonderful site+forum+idea etc etc. I liked very much the idea of an open source development of navigation sw s o I registered, downloaded and tried. Everything runs fine on my desktop but I don't know how I could install on my car PC that is presently offline. Is it enough to copy the downloaded files to the a second HD or are the internet connections absolutely necessary?
    Would it be possible to have a description of what is installed where?
    Many thanks or your help

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  • Hello Adri,
    you have similar problem discussed on German OSM forum ( With version 11 (alpha) you can copy downloaded setup_pc_navigator.exe and maps. At the moment you have to enter a key, so use default OSM key: B8PTX8RXF4HTFUR3PGRTPURPT
    Setup Utility for version 11 is here:
  • Hello Martin,
    Many thanks for your help. Unfortunately my german is not that fluent :-)), but I think your words are enough to understand I can do the copy/install onto the offline pc.
    Is the alpha_11 out for testing? Can I make my attempts useful in any way to the team?

    Many thanks


  • Hello,
    I tried installing the 11_alpha and in the end it still asks for internet connection + stops doing anything else when not finding the server from which to download files.
    I reconstructed the directories exactly as they are in the original download. What else do I need?
    Many Thanks
    PS: it doesn't ask for any key
  • Internet connection is necessary only for Setup Utility, where you download maps and install applications. If you want to install PC Navigator only, you can copy setup_pc_navigator.exe, copy data and run it from the offline machine. Tomorrow you should see version 11.0.2 on update, which has key "integrated" in the "Navigator Free" button (step with entering key).
  • Then may be I missed some points. I will therefore describe exactly what I have done:
    1) copied the downloaded 11_alpha version from the above link and the map folder that the previous installation put into the documents and settings/all users/application data folder onto USB flash device
    2) transferred all the above onto the C:/program files and C:/documents and settings/all users/application data folder as appropriate
    3) run the setup file

    at this point a new dir is installed with "install setup utiliy" "uninstall setup utility" and "run setup utility". This dir is accessible from the Program command in the start menu.

    When I run it it tries to connect for 1/2 second and then immediately tells "impossible to download the instruction file from the "somedomain"
    Then the setup utility interface will only allow me to enter the settings menus, no way to start application or else.

    Where is the mistake?

    MAny tanks


  • I tried installing the last version of Navigator FREE on my htc device. After the installation I have a "No map found. Install some maps ... " Where this maps must be? Can give me a path? I have the maps on the SD.
  • I eventually succeeded by performing a full install while online on one pc and then copying all files onto the offline pc. I had to download maps to a different path than the default MapFactor folder, I suspect the previous Navigatorfree10 install was preventing version 11 from working properly. It is not an obvious procedure, and I think a thin tutorial, or at least a list of "what goes where" would be of great value.
    Many thanks to Martin for the help anyway.
    Will try navigating soon.

  • Can someone explain the solution here please? My situation must be very common - trying to install Navigator Free onto a CarPC that doesn't have an internet connection.

    Surely there must be a simple way of doing a traditional installation of this software from a CD etc, without an internet connection being required during the installation itself?

  • Hello Jeremy,
    I downloaded and installed the 11.0.2 version following Martin's instructions (including serial number) and copied all the downloaded files to the car pc reconstructing exactly the same tree of files and folders. It works fine now. I haven't tried the 11.0.6 upgrade yet. Goodluck
  • Hi

    Thanks for the quick response. I got it working in the end. For anyone following - after the files have been transferred to the destination PC you need to start installation using the Setup file that is in the same location as the map & data files, not the far more obvious Setup file which is in /Program Files/Navigator11/Setup Utility/.


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