diggerQT - Crashes
  • Hi!

    I've been trying out diggerQT (12) and it works good on a couple of CSV files, but not one of them (well, it worked once, but no more, same CSV file btw)

    This is the error:

    [Step #1] : test 1978 source objects...
    1978 map objects loaded.
    [Step #2] : put map objects to splitter...
    Error: bad allocation

    Any suggestgions?



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  • Hi John,
    thanks for the report and testing CSV you sent by e-mail. According to my colleague it looks like the problem is caused by new-lines in the text to be displayed in the map. Hot fix will replace internal new-line by space (and you can do that with your CSV).
    thank you
  • Hi and thanks for the prompt investigation.

    Can you post back here when a fix is a uploaded?



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