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  • Hi,

    I'm very happy with NavigatorFree, I think it's much better and easier to use than anything I've seen so far!
    There are a few things to improve, one of them I found yesterday while using it for a bicycle tour: On my PDA it's essentially impossible to distinguish fields and water. Most of the map is bluish, and except for "day mode Africa" the blue seems to be even identical to that used for water (day mode Africa shows water in light blue, fields in dark blue). Is there a way to modify that, e.g. to change fields to the usual gray color? Or are there other color schemes for download? E.g. the colors are more clear.
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  • You can edit map colors but it is not straightforward. You can experiment with and in your user settings directory. Note, that there were some changes in these files in version 11.
  • It seems to me, that your colour schemes have a little bit less contrast. On sunny days in my car it's hard to recognize the roads. I would like darker outlines of the roads and ways. The gray seem to be to light.
  • Is there a possibility to distinguish between tertiary roads (Local Road of High Importance) and unclassified/residential roads (currently Small Local Road)?

    There is only one zoom level (4 levels bellow the highest) where the first are shown and the second not – at all higher zoom levels they are all shown and (in day mode) all white.
  • Maybe a bit forgotten ...
    At higher zoom levels, there is no difference between tertiary roads and unclassified / residential roads.
    There should be some difference in colour or shading.

    And - buildings and residential areas are (nearly) the same color.
    I suggest to set the color for buildings something darker.

    The settings file is not so easy to understand and change by only guessing what is what.

  • i like to add to this discussion that the color sets used by mapfactor android do have not sufficient contrast levels. It is very hard to get map details under bright sunlight condition.
    Maybe you can look into the graphics of navfree, this app is providing a very good and detailed view of the map and the routing (it is only sad that the routing of this app is just dangerous and therefor the app itself is useless!!).
    Can we get a color scheme like navfree is having?

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