Error on "find Adress" if broken map files installed
  • Hi Tomas,

    after updating to NavigatorFree Version 12.0.4  and
    updating map files to the 12/2012 versions the "find address" function
    fails on My MD96710 with Windows-Mobile 5. searching the forum and
    analyzing the log file i found the reason: some of the German map files
    must have been broken.

    The file download with the installer tool 
    Version 12.0.4 does not report any error on download. I renamed  the German north and east map files and

    the "find address work's again.

    a map file contains a MD5 check-sum ? if  not, this could be a solution
    for detecting broken files on start of NavigatorFree  and inform the
    user about the detected broken files.
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  • mca file does not contain md5, but regions.dcf (temporary file of Setup Utility) does.
    I suppose there was problem when the data were copied on SD Card, right? Checking MD5 on very start would be very very slow.
  • Hi Martin,

    you are right, a check on every start, which increase
    start-uptime would not be acceptable. But maybe an user selectable
    function to check the mca data on demand.


    i don't know if i copied the files manually. i will try to do that in future with the MapFactor Installer function.

    Does the MapFactor Installer check the correctness of the files transferred to the data directory of the device's SD-CARD?
  • I think that it checks only downloaded content ...

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