Road not being blocked with Cycle Barrier
  • Hi,

    I made a change to OpenStreetMap back in January (ref: 10512907) to try to block a road which has been installed with barriers (Cycle Barriers) to stop through traffic.  However, since a number of new updates of the MapFactor UK maps,  it still allows access via this road.  I was wondering if I have done something wrong or does MapFactor just not recognise Cycle Barriers.

    Many Thanks

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  • Hi Andy,
    tag 'barrier' is still not integrated, so you mapped that properly but it is not integrated in MCA file yet.

  • Many Thanks for the info. Martin.  Out of interest, are there any plans to integrate barriers in the future?


  • Yes, this is rather a bug so it should be integrated ... I just do not want to promise when ... sooner the better.

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