POI search: problems with city
  • Another user has reported the following issue for the Android version with OSM maps:

    There is a hotel in OSM: http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/2398382738
    As you can see, it has addr:city = Kesselsdorf.

    When you do a POI search for hotels, Navigator won't let you search in Kesseldorf, it's not included in the list.
    The POI in Navigator is listed under Wilsdruff instead.

    What is the problem here?
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  • The problem is that "Kesselsdorf" does not have any administrative area and current version of POI search is using only administrative areas to narrow the search (in the first step). If you select "ANY" you can find your hotel with "Kesselsdorf" selection (in Hotel/Motel).

  • Hi Martin, ANY is the solution I already told the "another user". However, in many other cases it won't help as the list of possible POIs across the country is too long.

    Would it be possible that Navigator would also consider the addr:city key for POIs?
  • Yes, it would be possible to combine it with "find nearest" the city central point ... OTOH it would be probably slow ... something similar what we did in search address. We will discuss the priorities and plans next week ...
  • "nearest" the city central point? But what is a city's central point in a case like Kesselsdorf, what is not a city, but only a suburb (of Wilsdruff).

    By the way, Chattiewoman is giving professional support in a.m. german forum for Navigator =D> .

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