moving Mapfactor +tomtom maps (EU) to a new device
  • HI all.
    I hope someone can help me with below :
    I am pretty new here...

    on my andorid smartphone i am using Mapfactor + tomtom maps (paid) for EU.
    And recently I have just bought new andorid device - just wondering how to move my navi + maps to a new phone (old one won't be used anymore).

    any guess?
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  • A)
    0) if you have maps on SD Card - insert it to new phone
    1) install Navigator on new device (from Google Play or from
    2) Select TomTom maps
    3) Navigator should autodetect installed maps and report problem with license
    4) fill your email and orderid and submit form (it will generate email to support)
    If you do not have data on SDCard install free version 1.2.35+
    and send logfiles via (Settings > Send Logs)
    In your e-mail mention order id
  • Can you explain what to do for case B, but in case when an older version of Navigator is installed?  I have Navigator 1.2.25 installed on my old HTC Desire phone (Android 2.3), and this seems to be the latest version available for this device.  I just bought new phone, and I want to transfer maps that I've purchased, however there isn't any "Send Logs" option available under "Settings"...

  • I understand, that mdx meant you new device regardless, if you have case A or B. And your new device will not have Gingerbread!?
  • My new device is HTC One M8 (Android 4.4).

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