Speed Limit shown on display?
  • Navigator doesn't show me the current speed limit onscreen. There is a warning sound when exceeding the limit, though.

    Is there a way to see the speed limit?
    (Is there a way to see other traffic signs?)

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  • I don't remember how to get that. But I guess it's under settings>speed.
    You should chose something exept "off"
    p.s. But the used road must be mapped with a speed-limit in OpenStreetMap.
  • Hi Gaspar,

    Not all roads in OSM have speed limits attached. You could of course get involved in the OSM project and add the speed limits in your area.

    The speed limit sign is very small and appears on the right hand side of the display in the middle and difficult to see. You can test it out by setting a departure and destination and then from the tools menu pick simulate route. if the streets have a speed limit set you will see it on the simulated route.
  • Found it and it's very small on my 7" tablet. It disappeares when I turn landscape to portrait which usually happens in my car when I pick my tablet.

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