Cannot download the USA New York state map
  • I downloaded a dozen maps, but when I tried to download the NewYork map, it did not install. There are 2 New York files in the Temp folder usa_new_york_osm_140314.mca (49MB), and usa_new_york_osm_mca.torrent (15.7KB), but nothing in the Data folder. When download starts it shows no progress.

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  • try to delete them both and download again
  • I just had no problems downloading NY data using the PC setup utility. Explorer says, file is usa_new_york_osm.mca and size is 50,8 MB ( 53.311.845 Bytes) (Win7 pro). I am in Germany.
  • I have the same problem to download a map of Austria to my Xperia. After download starts it shows no progress at all. With other maps there was no problem. I already reinstalled software but it did not help. Please advise what should I do? 

  • our servers seemed to be fine, please try again.
    you can also download maps using our PC version:
    once maps are downloaded, copy them to your device, navigator/data folder.
  • >>>Tomas: I deleted them. but it did not help
  • please email logs (files in folder navigator/log) to support

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