• I use mapnavigator in combination with cgeo c:geo for geocaching. But I encountered problems recently

    I do my geocaching searches with cgeo in offline mode with previously downloaded caches.

    The maps I use in offline mode are from mapnavigator. These are open
    streetmap maps which are saved on my SD card in my smartphone.

    A while ago, I managed to have the two programs understand each other.
    When I opened the details of the cache description and then touched the
    map, several options were offered. One of them was "use external map".
    This opens the mapnavigator maps and until a few days ago, I saw the
    target coordinates marked on the map.

    Then, a few days ago, there was an automatic update (I do not know
    whether cgeo or mapnavigator was responsible for it). The result of the
    same action now is:

    "i Navigator

    Adresse wurde nicht gefunden (address not found)"

    What has changed? Can you help?

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  • "A few days ago" was probably some other program (unless you are betatester of MapFactor Navigator). There was a stage release yesterday of 1.2.24. What version do you have?
  • Uli, die App von Mapfactor kann "externe Adressen" (z.B. die bei anderen Apps, auch bei Kontakten) nur dann finden, wenn dein Gerät mit dem Internet verbunden ist, da intern eine Google-Suche abgesetzt wird. Bist du offline, liefert diese Suche leider immer nur "Adresse nicht gefunden" anstatt "Keine Verbindung mit dem Internet vorhanden". Bin selber darauf hereingefallen.
    Könnte es sein, dass du zufällig diesmal keine Verbindung hattest, vorher aber schon?
  • I have exactly the same problem, roughly after the 1st of April. I have always used the app offline. The problem only exists with the app of MapFactor and not with Locus or google (when used online). Sometimes when using C:GEO and using the option  "use external map", it shows a position on mapfactor somewhere completely else, like in the middle of an ocean most of the times it shows  "Adresse nicht gefunden".

    It must have to do with the MapFactor app.

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