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  • Dear All,
    I purchased an in-dash DVD-GPS unit for my Huyndai Van. The GPS uses a MicroSD card. It has European maps only. The GPS system can detect my current location (Morocco), but seems doesn't have Morocco maps.
    I browsed the content of the MicroSD, I saw all country maps are as follows: France_ta.mca, Bulgaria_ta.mca, and it has a program called: Navigator.
    After searching the internet, I have found the MapFactor site, it seems that this is what my GPS is using.
    My questions:
    - Should I re-install the program files and Morocco maps on the GPS MicroSD drive to make it to work in Morocco?
    - Or Should I copy only the Morocco_osm.mca files on the MicroSD?
    Thanks for your help,
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  • Hello Othman,
    I would recommend to keep your original MicroSD card, and buy new empty one just for experiments with OSM and Navigator FREE. Install PND version and name directories as in your original card. What version do you have in your car?
    p.s. note, that paid version of Morocco (TeleAtlas/TT) is also available
  • Thanks Martin for your email,
    I believe i have version, but not sure, I can send you a file with screenshots of the SD content. My email:
    When you say PND version, I guess it is the Navigator Free?
    thanks again for your help,
  • Dear All,
    I installed Navigator free on a DVD for indash that runs Windows CE 6.0. I get a message: DVD reading error.
    Any solution?
  • @mdx - A big thanks to you and the MapFactor team. I recently purchased a Chinese in-dash Nav/Entertainment box for my auto without realizing that it did not come with any navigation software!

    Cleverly misleading marketing on their part, but still _my_ bad!!

    Today I loaded Navigator 10 (Free) onto an SD card, added a couple of maps and viola' - the Navigator part came up without a hitch! Hapiness!!

    My unit can be setup to point to and run the .exe file on SD (unit has a dedicated GPS SD slot, 2G max size). Navigator also found the internal GPS port without any trouble (COM2, 57600 baud). My unit runs Windows CE 6.0, and although it is not a powerful machine the Navigator software runs in real-time (as far as I can tell)

    I set up a nearby Destination and took the car & Family for a test drive. The nice British Lady told me where to turn, gave me ample turn warnings, and I arrived at my destination safe and sound!

    Holiday weekend is coming up here (USA) and I will get a chance to run the program through its paces on some trips.

    I am really impressed so far, and this product has salvaged what I was afraid was an expensive mistake! I think a Full Version (with POIs) is coming up as the next investment!

    Thank you!!
  • :) thanks for nice comment! :)
  • I never imagined I would come this close to a fully functional navigation system in this part of the Globe (East Africa) and even better at no cost.

    Anyway, I purchased a Navigation System running Windows CE6 and since there was no Navigation Application that came in it I started wondering whether I made the right decission.

    I came across this site and vuala all my problems solved;Installed mapFactor 11 onto a microSD card and works like magic.
    I now have Navigation on my unit

    Big Thanks to MapFactor Team and God Bless U!
  • this sounds good, thanks :)
    p.s. note, that without OpenStreetMap this free version would not be possible ...
  • Mighty kudos to OpenStreetMap team thanks amillion!
  • I agree with the other comments, I too bought a GPS w/o software and after searching the internet and trying different software options I decided on Navigator. I plan on selling these GPS units and would like info on getting a quote for bulk software. Email is USA
  • i also have a chinese system, i downloaded this program on a microsd.   The problem is it does not start up after i tell the system where the exe file is.  Is there something im missing?
  • hey guys... i think i have the same problem.. i live in dominican republic and i dont have navigation CD.... but i have in the trunk the cd box.. that accept micro SD.. so.. where should i do?? how can i load from my car mapfactor free?????????

    i can tell that mapfactor does have the dominican republic map!! please help!!

    i have a 2006 acura tl with OEM navigation
  • cruzeman
    you may be missing some DLLs, it could be any one of these:
    it could be just one, or combination of more, impossible for me to say, just try it
  • Just finished downloading mapfactor Navigator (complete files-setup etc) on a 2 GB micro sd card and using it in an Eonon D5163 double din. Works like a charm. No problems as of my writing this.
  • map factor navigator 12
  • can anyone help i bought a Chinese dvd/gps unit deleted the path file by mistake 1st time set up numb here smh. is there any other maps i may download in use?? one thats easy but works great Kudo>IGo>Sygic and please leave a link to download so i can  follow with your reply thank you 

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