NavigatorFree v12.3 Freezing Up
  • Hi guys,

    I'm a newbie here and I hope I can seek help from you.

    I have a 2DIN head unit (unbranded from China) that has iGO Primo 2 pre-installed via SD card. I wanted to switch from iGO to NavigatorFree. So I downloaded the software via the Set-up Utility tool, downloaded the map I needed, and installed the software to an SD card.

    However, whenever I  try to set the GPS on my head unit via NavigatorFree, the screen will freeze up whenever I select the auto-detected device which says "Autodetected COM2 57600 baud".

     It will just freeze up into a white screen on the "GPS Device Summary" and I will have to reboot the head unit.

    BTW the head unit is running on WinCE 6.5

    Please advice. Thank you in advance!

    Below are snap shots of what I am getting:
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  • Do you know what COM port and speed should be used? (for example from previous iGO installation)
  • I don't have the manual of the GPS device, unfortunately. I'm still waiting for a reply from the reseller from whom I got the head unit.

    I also played around with iGO and I cannot seem to find any information about the port used and speed
  • from your description I would say com2 baud rate 9600
    you can try to amend file settings.xml, section GPSTMC
    something like
  • Thanks Tomas. I will try this and update you guys whether or not this solves my problem.
  • Ciao guys, 
    I have the same problem. My PDA is unbranded from China, WinCe5, 120 MB Ram, The GPS is on Com2 with 4800 baud-rate. If I change the file settings.xml like advise tomas It do not solve nothing. The application seems to continue to not see the GPS.Then if I launch the autodected, after it returns the freeze described by Eecme in screen-shots. The Autodetect feature seems to be able to read the GPS-NMEA, but after It freeze.
    I want to use the NavigatorFree only to evaluate the product.I see that on my SmartphoneAndroid It goes ok. But I need to use on WinCe5:  If I buy the professional version , with professional Map (Teleatlas) can I have greater stability? I think no. I think they are same technology. Is it true?
  • maps are different, but program is the same, so buying TomTom maps is not going to resolve problem with com port detection
    if you edit settings.xml correctly, then Navigator will see it and will not try to detect com port again
  • I copy in bottom the section  GPSTMC of my file settings.xml.
    When I launch the Navigator with this file xml then:
    I digit the address of my destination
    Then It appears a window with button 'Navigate' on left-top of screen.
    I press the button 'Navigate'.
    Then It appears a window with ' Current confiuguration: GPS Device: No Device\nGps Status:Not Connected\nTMP Device: No Device\nTMP Protocol: None" and then there is the button 'Change Settings'.
    Then I press "Change Settings" and It starts the autodetection feature. This 'Autodetection' is able to find my GPS (COM2 and 4800), but when I press 'Autodetection on SERIAL CABLE ON COM2:, 4800 baud' then the application frezze like screen in

    I report my file settings.xml.
    Thanks In advance

        <com_autodetection_speeds>57600, 38400, 19200, 14400, 9600, 4800</com_autodetection_speeds>
  • may be your GPS is not com2 9600 - please check this with your GPS supplier

  • No,I'm sure that the GPS-NMEA is in Com2-4800. I launched  others navigators and they read with succesufully on GpsCom2Baud4800. In fact the Autodetection procedure of MapFactorNavigator seems to see correctly the Nmea Data in this port and boud-rate. The crash-freeze is in the next window of  "Gps device summary". 

    In file logheaplog.txt I find this text:
    x ... attempt failed
    f ... free memory
    l ... allocate to 'lower' memory
    u ... allocate to 'upper' memory

    u 16842752

    In file navigator.log.txt i find this text:
    command line:''

  • I already got NavigatorFree up and running! Thanks for the tip tomas.
    New problem arises though. It freezes up whenever I try to add a location to my Favorites.

    Any insight?
  • check that SD is not write protected and that you have enough space
  • >>check that SD is not write protected and that you have enough space

    If this tip is always for the problem of freeze in "Gps device summary" window: I installed the Application and the Maps in NANDFlash of PDA (not in a SD)  and I have 1.63 GB of free space
  • it could be that file favourites.xml is corrupted - delete it (make backup first) and then start Navigator
  • Hi tomas,

    I checked  the SD card and it was not write protected, And it has about 900MB of free space. I took a snapshot of it when it freezes up.

    Adding Favorites
  • may be the file is corrupted? try to delete it and then start Navigator

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