Feedback on Android Version 1.2.19
  • Hi,
    I appreciate very much providing us a new version :-)

    When you open version 1.2.19 for the first time, a new configuration window opens (good idea!).
    I use my device in portrait mode. In this mode, the option fields on the right are not visible. I must rotate my device to landscape view in order to see and to edit them.

    Additionally, in the German version, there is a spelling mistake in the truck vehicle profile --> "Gewicht per Axe". It should be "Gewicht pro Achse" or better "Achslast":

    PS: There is a new "Donate" function. If I use it and donate, will you at last answer all my enquiries here? ;-)

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  • Hi chattiewoman,
    thanks for comments - I can confirm the bad layout for portrait phone. Translation fixed.
    p.s. you may try Donate, but it may not work ;)
  • may I add that donate is a volunteer contribution and not payment for support
    we do try our best regardless of contributions
  • p.s. on the same link is now 1.2.20+ which should have fixed Achslast ...

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