Pedestrian profile settings not working
  • Hi, I´m using android version 1.1.5 of MapFactor. Problem is - when I choose pedestrian profile (default or newly made), changing parametres doesn't affect routing. For example - when streets are forbidden, mapfactor still use them.

    Cycle profile is working OK, car profile too.
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  • yes, pedestrian does not have restrictions
    that is how it should be
  • Strange...but anyway, it's confusing, if there is an option to change routing restrictions, which doesn't work.
  • are there any streets whith restrictions for pedestrians?
  • I don't think you understand it - let say - I choose pedestrian profile>vehicle parametres>road restrictions - I CAN choose which roads will be forbidden. But it has no affect on routing. I think, normal should be:

    1) there is no options in road restrictions, when I choose pedestrian
    2) when i choose pedestrian and choose (for example) primary road not allowed, mapfactor wonť use primary road.

    It's not big mistake, but can be confusing.
  • Hi PeskyPerson :),
    you are right. I do not feel like charge/toll/congestion charge would have any sense for pedestrian, but enable/disable some road types could be useful ... in 1.2.19+ is the category on/off taken into account also for pedestrian:
    let us know if it is better
    p.s. beware of different snapping behavior based on the selected vehicle ... (starting since 1.2.18)

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