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  • Hi All

    I have installed Navigator for Android and downloaded the OSM map for Spain. I have been using it for a couple days, and I would like to comment some things I like and some things I dislike.

    I like that it's a very light app, it loads quickly, it's in Spanish, and it's easy to use. The display is nice and the volume is perfect for me. The routes are ok taking into account many streets are missing or not correctly set in OSM. And the price is great. :-)

    On the other hand, there are some aspects that might be improved:

    1.- The most important problem for me is the lack of house numbers. I read in another thread that the app supports house numbers if they are included in the map. But the question that was left unanswered in that thread was: Are house numbers included in the Tomtom maps used by the commercial version? I am considering buying the maps, but I need to be sure house numbers are included, since the app is useless for me without them.

    2.- I have a lot of POI files from Tomtom. Does the app support them (maybe the commercial version with Tomtom maps) or is there a reasonably-easy way to convert them? I'd like the app to warn me of speed cameras, and I also have many POIs that are important for me.

    3.- Can additional voices be installed? I don't like at all the Spanish voice included.

    4.- The app warns "take the exit on the right in 2000 meters". Then "take the exit on the right in 1000 meters", at 500 meters, at 200 meters and when you are there. I'm not that dumb, it would be enough to be told once in advance, then again at the point where I have to take the exit. Can the frequence of warnings be customized somehow? Also, I find it annoying to hear "lost GPS signal" "found GPS signal" "recalculating the route" all the time. Can those sentences be left silent?

    5.- Is there a way to customize the display a bit? Time left to the next warning is not very useful for me. I would very much prefer how many km are left and how long will it take, or what time I will arrive. I didn't find a setting to change that, but maybe there is one.

    6.- Time calculations seem a lot too optimistic. It says it will take 5 minutes
    for a trip that actually takes 20 or 25 minutes in real life. That could
    be improved.

    I am looking forward to be able to use this app.


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  • Hola Ebulerdo
    I have some answers for you.
    Question 5:  Yes,it is possible to customized the display. They are 3 paneels you can change.If you touch one of them,you can choose,what you want. Por example,i have on the left side: time to destination.In the middle is: distance to destination, and on the right side i have: arrival time
    Question 6:   Time calculation you can set yourself. Please go to settings/vehicle profiles/truck,or car(what you want)/road restrictions. Than you can set the speed especially for your vehicle (motorway,primary road local road) In theese settings you can also choose when you dont want to drive on motorway.Than you touch the gren button on the left side.he button will be red and you dont drive via a motorway!
    Since i set so the speed for my truck,the time to arrival at destination will be correct! You have to try it.
    Saludos de alemana

  • Thank you, smartflight!

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