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  • Hello,

    it is possible to track the route with GPX datas.
    It is possible to view the the travelled path in the map view after the trip is stopped (view GPX).

    Is it possible to view the travelled path during the trip in the map view? This would be optimal for hiking.


    Best regards

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  • Hi,
    GPX can be replayed and shown on map, but cannot be used for navigation.
  • Hello tomas,

    I don't want to use GPX for navigation. Navigation is the way I'm going to travel from now (future).
    I would like to see your route in real-time that I've run so far (past) without stopping the actual GPX recording.

    Best regards

  • Is it possible to implement my idea in future versions?

    For example:

    I will visit a city, or I will make a walk in the woods. I will start mapfactor, and use the"tools" view. Then, I will "Record GPS files" and record as GPX. Than, I will use the "maps" view.

    Then, I go through the city, or thorugh the woods. If I want to see my position, I will wake up my mobile display. Then, I see the map, and I see my position. But it's not possible to see the way I'm already gone.

    If I want to see the way I'm already gone, I must stop the recording of the GPX file, and then, I must display the GPX on the map. But this is circuitous, and will break the recording of the GPX file.

    Is there a chance to display the already gone way during GPX recording in the map? This would be ideal for sightseeing (compared with a paper map) and for walking in the woods.

    Best regards

  • did you try odometer?
  • Odometer shows me the kilometers (e.g. 5,23km), but not the used way in map view.

    Bast regards

  • I tested a lot of apps, which uses offline maps. A suitable app, which shows the way I'm already gone, is bikecomputer. Now, I will use 2 apps: mapfactor for car navigation, and bikecomputer as "electronic map" for walking.

    I hope, that mapfactor could show the already gone way in the map view in the future, too.

    Best regards


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