Big Problem with House Numbers
  • In ons village is a problem with house numbers. 2 A, Oberer Gutsweg, Limbach-Oberfrohna is moved ca 100 Meter up to 2, thats wrong. The house number 12, Waldenburger Straße, Limbach-Oberfrohna is moved to the main street, but the house is only available over the Oberen Gutsweg..... There is really no way to the Main Street and no gate....
    Moving the house numbers to the main street is not good when a house is only available over another street like Frohnbachstraße 57 A. Your House Numbers Concept is therefore wrong. So is navigation from door to door not possible. I can search the house numbers in OSM or google maps and then take the coordinates and put them into mapfactor navigator, but this is a little bit elaborately.
    I was thinking about to buy Navigator Full Version, but when the house numbers in the full version also so far away from real position and when they just moved to the main street when only available over other ways, i wont buy it.
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  • firstly, house numbers in TomTom maps are completely dufferent- for example 12, Waldenburger Straße (TomTom maps) is at 50.855871 12.742222
    secondly, we only use number ranges at this moment, full number search is under development
    so please be patient

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