Displaying street numbers "on the roads"
  • Hello all,

    I'm using Navigator 12.3 on WM device. 

    The name (number) of the road written at the bottom of the screen. Is it possible to have the label (number, like A4, M7...)  of the road drawn directly on the road itself?

    Is it possible to switch this option ON?
    Somewhere in menu I can't find it, maybe by editing any of .xml or .style?


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  • Hi,

    I'm using 12.3.0 too and these road identifiers currently show a strange behaviour. Sometimes they are shown and sometimes not. Often they appear for a few seconds then get switched off. Also changing the zoom factor with +/- changes how and/or if these identifiers appear.

    The same happens when you grab the map and move it across the screen.

    To my knowledge there is no option to switch them on or off, they should be on always.

    BTW a similar behaviour happens on Android 1.1.5

  • Aha, I can't see them at all... Or maybe I was not lucky watching on display when they're blinking...
  • text is dynamic, so all depends on zoom level and what other text is on screen
    try to zoom out a little
  • Well, when changing zoom, then they're appearing for short moment, and then disappearing again.
    The others texts and icons are still visible.
    The same behaviour in autozoom or without autozoom

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