Arrival Time 1 hour early (always)
  • I have tested this a few different ways to confirm the issue. If I plan a short route (say 2 minutes long) my arrival time is a full hour ahead.  You can see in the attached screenshot, the actual time and the arrival time are shown with the arrival time an hour ahead of the actual time.  (great if you are running late :))

    The "Time" is the same as the PC clock and the "GPS Time" is GMT,

    Edit.  Sorry can't add screenshot
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  • what version do you have? Do you have properly set timezone/summer saving time on your system?
  • Thanks for the response.  I am using Navigator 11.0 free.  All my time settings in windows appear to be correct.  We are in daylight time now but the PC has automatically taken care of that.  My first thought was that it might relate to daylight saving time but Navigator seems to get the time from the PC ok, it's just the arrival time that is the 1 hour ahead.
    The screenshot I wanted to post showed (while simulating navigating) that the time to next (which was also the destination) was 2 minutes, the current time was 07.25 and the estimated arrival time was 06.27.
    Thanks again for any help
  • Anyone else having this issue?  I've now tried it on XP and W7 its the same on both OS's.  I can cope but it's a bit of a niggle
  • dont have issues like that
  • "Anyone else having this issue?"

    Yes, I am having exactly the same problem with PC Navigator Free 12.

    Time (with daylight saving activated) is set up just fine in Control Panel (I'm running Windows XP).

    In the "Navigation Overview" panel of Navigator the "Time" indicator is correct but the "Estimated Time of Arrival" is one hour back from what it should be.

  • it works fine for me - which time zone are you in?
  • Hi Tomas --

    From the Windows Control Panel / Date and Time  -  (UTC+09:30) Adelaide

    We are now on daylight saving.  Could this be the issue?

  • I set on my PC (UTC+09:30) Adelaidewith daylight savings and run simulation - ETA was correct
  • now I tried it on Windows 7 and have the same problem as you, we will investigate
  • Did this ever get fixed? DST is back in effect and its again 1h out... (Navigator 12.3 Free, Windows 7)



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