road sector problem
  • I have a problem, the route created does not want me to go to one place in the road, even after giving a waypoint. If I add another waypoint on the road sector problem, the recalculation said that the place does not exist and therefore made ​​me to turn back with a very long route. I tried with another application that uses the OSM map, in this case the route is possible and made ​​me take the desired route. 
    How to fix this section of road and why another application it works, maps should be similar?
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  • most probably map error, please loot at and fix it there if you can
  • If you give us departure & destination we can investigate (also how old are your maps can be useful).
  • No, it is not related to openstreetmap maps, they are fine, the problem comes from the OSM map navigatorfree.
  • Maps to the most recent update: eastern France and Switzerland. 
    SCREENSHOT attached to show the erroneous orange portion. Green, portion itinerary, half turn arrived at the orange portion.

  • The red line is the border between Switzerland and France.

    If can find a direct route from Geneve (Switzerland) to Saint-Julien-en-Genevois (France), I wonder how it can be a problem of OSM ...

    Ooops, tomas you must be right ;-)

    There is something wrong with OSM Data. Look at this routing of


    It routes against the oneway direction and later crosses to the other line of the street. Very strange.

    And this may have been the issue. "Route de Saint Julien" existed as only two lines in OSM. One line was that part of the street, which is not separated and the line continued at the northern point, where the street splits into two lanes of opposite direction just to the point, where the lanes reunite into one. The second line is just the other lane of the street (oneway from north to south). I now splitted the first line into two just at the northern point where the street splits into two lanes. Now "Route de Saint Julien" in OSM consists of three lines in OSM, one each for the one way direction and a separate line, where there are no separate lanes.

    In wonder, how MF routing will be with updated maps ...
  • I do not know. It is routing fine for me in both directions across the border:
    Routing: opened france_osm_east as 0.
    Routing: opened switzerland_osm as 1.
    france_osm_east                 : data version=44, data creation=201402180
    switzerland_osm                 : data version=44, data creation=201402210

    p.s. and yes, there is probably missing oneway attribute ...

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