OVI selection in Android
  • I am using the current version.
    Whenever I select one OVI, let's say shopping, the map shows all kinds of OVIs, not just shopping.
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  • but is it possible, that the selected OVIs are bigger than the other OVIs?

  • Hum, at least I did not detect that. However: when I select only one, I expect to see only this one ;-)
  • Okay, can it be, that in your settings every type of OVI (Einstellungen --> OVI-Typen) are selected?
    Unselect all and search again for only one OVI. Now you will see only your wishes
  • Nee, die waren bisher bei mir immer komplett deaktiviert. Nun habe ich einen einzigen aktiviert. Funktioniert aber auch bei zweien so. Kannst du es nicht nachstellen?
  • Öh, nö...

    ich habe jetzt alle OVI-Typen deaktiviert. Gehe nun über die Suche nach Cafe/Pub, wähle drei Einträge aus und sehe auf der Karte auch nur diese drei...
  • I see that there is apparently a misunderstanding:
    I never talked bout the OVI search.
    Instead, I go to Settings --> OVI (which until today where empty), select one value (*), change directly to the maps and will find ALL kind of OVIs shown. When I deselect all OVI types in the settings, none are displayed on the map (which is correct).

    (*) but same problem if selection of more than one.

    PS Cool, I can create stars here ;-)
  • Well... nice stars...

    okay, but don't forget, that on categorie of OVIs contains different undercategories of OVIs, like

    Einkaufen und Essen
    - Cafe/Pub
    - Geldautomat
    - Notarzt
  • Oops, of course you are right! I was so fixed on the symbols shown on the OVI menu that I assumed that only these should be shown on the map .... Thanks.

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