How to save my Places on a My PC ???Help me please
  • Dear
    I am going to format my galaxt note 2 but I need to save my places and routes that I use in
    my MapFactor Navigator?? 
    because If I format my galaxy I will loose them all then I have to select my places from beginning ?
    So help me to keep them on my computer and then after format how to put them in my mapfactor again 

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  • Usually I would say, you just have to backup you data, but I can't find that option in Android, other than in WInCE.

    So, if you can browse you file-system on your galaxy, then you have to navigate to the folder "navigator". In the root of that folder you can find files like "favorites.xml", "routing_points.xml", "navigation.xml". At least these files you have to copy to your PC. When your Galaxy is fine again, just install MapFactor and copy those files back into the same folder like we started here.

    You can have a look in the other files to check, which file you should copy either.
  • may be vehicle_profiles.xml as well

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