How to find Alternative Route with MapFactor ??Help
  • Dear
    I am Sharif from Palestine, as we live here and in contact with Israeli territories we cannot use
    all roads and routes availble in the mapfactor. Because some route Palestinians cannot use because
    it is only for Israelis. For examples if I want to Navigate to ramallah from my home the mapfactor gives me the
    route that we could not use because it is forbidden although it is the shortest route but it is forbidden to Palestinians
    and we use a different route , it is longer but this one that we can use .
    How to use mapfactor to identify the route that we use, on the maps I found that route but how could I choose it
     to be my route because it is allowed for Palestinians?
    secondly, How to use waypoints ? I did not understand their job ?

    help me
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  • Hello,
    You can save a route that You are using on a regulary base in "My routes" and load the set when You need it. I You click on a road in the map You can then choose to block it for navigation in the pop-up-menu. Here: You can download the programm-manual for more information. Waypoints are routing-points that are used by the programm for calculation a route. So if You want to plan a route You normally set a start- and destination-point and between them waypoints by clicking on the road beginning from the start-point. If the then calculated route is to Your wish store it in "My routes". For planning a route I would use the PC-version of MF because of the bigger screen.

  • Thank you Sir
    But please could you help me how to choose a certain route and save in ' My Routes" because
    I am a new user for Mapfactor >.
    Because the mapfactor gives us the shortest route, fastest and cheapest Routes which really we need a normal conditions but beacuse we live in an Occupied territories then we have to use different routes that are allowed for us only. Yes it is the longer route but it is the only one that we can use .
    Help me

  • As frisian said, you will first need to manually add blocked streets.

    To do this, open the map (not in navigation mode) and choose all the street sections, where a permitted road ends and forbidden section begins. By clicking it, you can choose to block it.
    Once you have set the blocked roads on your device, the software won't navigate you there.
  • blocking streets should help you, but if you block to little number of streets, it could happen, that MapFactor will just calculate around that blocked street and link you to another not allowed street.

    So, block as much as needed streets.

    Or perhaps you could disable the Israel-Map. Than you just have Palestina and routing through Israel is technically impossible.


  • Hello,

    before You can choose a certain route You have to plan and save this route. So set a start and destination and between enough waypoints/routingpoints that the calculated route is the route you want to travel. Save it with a name in "My routes" and You are able to load the route set again when You need it. Look into Part IX of the manual side 66ff. You could maybe also edit Your car in menu "road restrictions" if those roads are for example motorways/highways

  • Thanks all
    But How to choose , Which tool should I use to select certain routes and also
    is there a blocking tool for that and what is it ,
    Sorry I am interrupting you but I am a new user and also I tried to choose my route but when I reach a coross section and try to select a route it is automatically route me to the shortest which is forbidden.
    How to disable the israeli map?

  • In my opinion, you should not worry about choosing routes, setting waypoints or whatever.
    Once you have blocked all forbidden connections, the next proposed route will be correct.
  • Hello,
    did You download the manual from here: The routing modes have nothing to do with roads blocked or not. They only important to calculate a route between two or more points. Before You not planning the route before starting navigation as shown in the manual You won't get there. So You simply have to set waypoints/routingpoints/"intermediate destinations" on the road that You are allowed to travel to Your final destination simply by clicking on those roads an choosing the points as waypoints beginning from the start-point or GPS-Position before You start navigation.

  • I have searched for the block tool I did not find in my Galaxy Note 2 mapfactor ,
    does it different if I am using galaxy note 2 or other devices because i saw that there are
    software for PC and tablets
  • Hello,

    Galaxy Note has a Android OS. PC- and PDA/PNA-versions are for Windows. I'm using only MF for Windows.If the manual is of any use for the Android-version I don't know, but I presume that there is not much of a difference in how to plan and save a route in the different versions. Normally the start is Your GPS-position in that moment and You select a destination by adress, POI, favourites or by clicking into the map and start the navigation. In Your special situation where You have to avoid roads You simply have to set more waypoints on roads that You are allowed to travel and will bring You also to the destination and then start the navigation after setting this additional points. 


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