Hebrew issues
  • Hi

    I hope some one from the developers is here.

    I must say it is a great application.
    It is the only one I found that use OSM, compatible to mobile 6 and free. great for my Asus A696.
    I read all the manual to version 12 from start to end, and they put almost everything needed and very simple.
    So I want to use it, and I am sure many here, in Israel, will love it,
    The application give support to Hebrew but it has some basic problems with it:

    1. there is no Hebrew keyboard !
    So you can not type your favorites in Hebrew or do a search in Hebrew.
    Some of the mapping in OSM are in Hebrew and English, but some are just in Hebrew, so you need to scroll and find.
    They put Arabic keyboard, so why not Hebrew ?
    only 22 regular letters + 5 suffix letters + apostrophe
    When type, it should appear from right to left, like in Arabic.
    I can help if needed !
    FREE !

    2. The menus in Hebrew looks like a mirror.
    At first I thought they are not mirroring it. the same mirroring for Arabic and Hebrew.
    I saw a message on bug from 2 years ago.
    But then I saw instead of "TMC Message" written "TMC העדוה" i.e. TMC written correct, but Hebrew is mirroring.
    That's mean all the fields holding the translation is mirroring in the database itself.
    Also, some of the menu items are still in English.
    I can help MapFactor fix the database and translate the missing one, if they will let me.

    Currently, It appears the language is setting the menu language but also the map language.
    So I can see good menus in English and map in English, which my spouse does not understand.
    or see the map in Hebrew but have menus in mirror Hebrew, that I can manage to read, but my spouse is dyslectic in Hebrew :-(

    That is why I want to fix the Hebrew issues, if MapFactor will let  me.

    constructive responds will be appreciated

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  • Hello Anat,
    you can make your own keyboard by editing file keyboard.xml ... we may integrate it afterwards, if you want.

    Regarding mirror images - there was a problem on some older WinCE, but there was also some progress with Arabic ... we will send you translation file, if you want to help to improve Navigator.

    p.s. can you try also PC Navigator? (just to make sure that it is not only problem of your device ... the translations should be the same there)
  • Hi Martin

    1. in the pc the Hebrew menus are also mirror, same as the pocket.

    2. you can send me an excel (or a like) with the English and Hebrew, I will go over it and fix it.
    Please send it to the inbox here.

    3. keyboard
    I found the file on the pc, I assume I can copy it after to the pocket open version.

    I read all the file and think I understand the schema.
    I understand that I can add 2 keyboards for Hebrew, one qwerty like and one abc like.
    I will use regular num.
    I will put the ELayout also in my keyboards, cause many are moving between English and Hebrew and want to change keyboard.
    I understand that I should put 4 layout (portrait, extended portrait, landscape, extended landscape).
    in each one of the 4 I should define the grid and can split it specially by the spacing.

    I want to have buttons direct to the English keyboards instead of the special (german french ? ) spec1 /2 , I want to direct to Qwerty and ABC keyboards. can I do that ?
    I can change it above, like done in the arabic num, but I also have to put something instead "EAlt1à-?
    " so it will show something else.
    How do I refer to the spec1 and 2 in the buttons ? but with different names, or is there another Esomthing and a tag for moving to another keyboard.

    if there is no solution, I will just discard those buttons in my keyboard, and the customer can switch using the layout button.

    Can you send me translation to the Esomething ? and more tags (like the num,spec1,spec2)  maybe I will find some useful one.
    Please send me the data to the inbox.

    waiting for answers
    wish me luck with the keyboard

    Navigator will always have a free version ?
    I want to adopt it and not disappoint later...
  • Martin

    Do you also need translation for the TTS.xml ?
    If you have the sound file that link between the Token and the sound file, I can listen also, so I want only translate, but it will be exactly what the sound said, unless I found it must be differently.

    I read there is TTS for Hebrew.

    If you want, send me instructions or anything else to the Inbox here.


  • Hi Martin

    I add a simple abc keyboard with portrait and landscape in Hebrew.
    After it, I can't see any keyboard.
    The reason is that when I am saving it, it transform all the non-english letters to question marks.
    I am using LibreOffice and Notepad.
    Any other editor that will save all characters correct ?
    I am sure you already have experience with that problem...

    Thanks in advance
  • Hi Anat,
    thanks for comments. With keyboad I would start just with one layout, copy & paste existing, name it "Hebrew" for example and check that you see it in keyboard selection. I would use PC for development/testing. If this works, then I would modify just one letter and check if it was modified as expected ...

    For editing - I use Visual Studio but that's probably no help for you. You can use TextPad or maybe even ordinary Notepad would work.

    My colleague will send you new TS file later today
  • P.S. here is temporary link to build with revered texts in Hebew:

  • For the record (If anybody goes to look here)

    menus not mirrored anymore in the version you made.

    did not succeed with keyboard.

    I recommend using the virtual keyboard of the machine, each touch machine have already inside.

    I recommend using TTS in Hebrew, for more flexibility.

    continue conversation in emails.


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