Passed Waypoint again in recalculated route

  • Problem with Wayoint: 

    I planned a route to my destination, with one waypoint along the route. After having passed this waypoint, I had to stray from my route because of a road block. Instead of recalculating directly to my destination, the calculation again took the waypoint as part of the route, and Navigator wanted me to return first to this waypoint. I had to stop the navigation to program a new route directly to my destination.

    Is there a solution for this problem, without stopping the navigation?

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  • Are you using PC/Pocket or Android? You can uncheck the waypoints manually in the list so they will be set as "passed".
  • I am using Android. Indeed, I had to uncheck the waypoint during my trip. But do you advise to uncheck it during the navigation, to avoid problems when 'recalculation' during the rest of the trip is executed? Is there no way to have this done automatically after passing the waypoint?
  • Hello,

    I'm using the WinCE-version. So far I did not had this problem when planning a route with waypoints. Did You actually "arrived" at the waypoint or only "passed" it. Because when Your GPS-position is exactly that of the waypoint when travelling Your route the waypoint is usually unchecked and the colour of the flag is changing, if not it will remain in the list in my experience.


  • @ frisian

    With "passing" my waypoint I mean that I did "arrive" at my waypoint without stopping. So to my idea the waypoint was no part anymore of the rest of the planned route. So when recalculating the waypoint should not be taken into consideration anymore.
  • Hello,

    I did a route simulation on my PC-version with a couple of waypoints and noticed the same as with the Pocket-version, when I pass/arrive at a waypoint within a certain range (~ 50m) the colour of the waypoint-flag is changing from orange to grey and not used anymore for calculation. Is there a change in colour in the Android-version? If not the waypoint ist still "active" and used for recalculation of a route and that would be a bug in the Android-version.
  • @ frisian
    I did a simulation on my android for the same route and waypoint. At start the waypoint was checked in color (green), but after passing the waypoint was unchecked (grey). So I do not see why the waypoint was taken into the recalcalculation after leaving the planned route because of a road block. I will pay attention if the same problem will occur in future trips.
  • I set up a route.  In it was a waypoint.  I decided NOT to go to that waypoint.  About 150 miles later, driving in traffic so changing something manually wasn't an option, it was still trying to get me to that waypoint, even after I arrived at the destination.
  • can you suggest how should Navigator know that you wish not to go through the preset waypoint?
  • Xmiles/km away and increasing?
  • sorry, but I do not  think this is definite enough
    I could already see users complaining that waypoints are being switched off without their knowledge

    anybody with another suggestion?

  • Suggestion:
    When you have calculated a route with a waypoint you will gradually get closer to it. 
    IF you leave your route
    IF the distance increases to the waypoint
    THEN display a large bottom bar or top bar with the message "remove next waypoint from route?" and 2 big buttons  "Yes/No".

    - OR statement because you can take a short detour from your route, but in general still getting closer to your waypoint.

    - Maybe that top or bottom bar should stay 2 seconds on your screen, close for 2 seconds, reappear for 2 seconds, etc. until YES or NO is tapped. This to not disturb navigation too much.

    - I would choose for a top or bottom bar instead of a popup as it will disturb navigation too much. Any better ideas welcome. :)

  • Another idea:

    Integrate the window (Routeninfo) "Routenpunkte" into the switch button on the lower right right corner of the navigation screen and highlight the next point not yet navigated to. The user may tick off that point and push the navigate button again. MFN will return to navigate to the then next "Routenpunkt".
  • I was thinking more along the lines of a setting, which would make it a conscious decision, to be able to ignore missed waypoints.

    Let me explain why this is important to me:
    I live in Alaska, I'm flying into Paris and then driving 550km south.  The software attempts to put me onto roads pretty close to being through Paris, so I added waypoints to avoid that.  I've been to Paris and don't really want to get close in a car, unless I'm a passenger.  I'll be driving south at about 10am, and back at about 8am.  If I should miss a waypoint all I want it to do is tell me how to get back onto the already calculated route to my destination.


  • If it insists on the waypoint, pull over, remove the waypoint from the route, and renavigate.

    I see no problem here.
  • "If it insists on the waypoint, pull over, remove the waypoint from the route, and renavigate."
    That's not a solution, that's a work-around. And it is impossible to do if you are on motorway or a dual-carriage way inside a town where you simply can't stop (or not allowed to stop) unless you have an accident or car malfunction (Try this on the "route peripherique" in Paris for example). And doing it while driving in the current setup is really dangerous.

    If we can find a user-friendly, safe solution than that is what we should aim for (why develop user-friendly Nav apps if you can use a paper map as well. No need to remove a waypoint :) )

  • At times I have to use way points to make sure my route does not change when I import it.
    I like the idea of 2 big buttons. Top or bottom would be ok.
    I might also suggest that if the screen is off, it turns back on so you can see the buttons.
    That way i can tell at a glance what is going on and what if anything i need to do about it.

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