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  • Hi,

    I would like to use Navigator to design routes for car travel on my wife's smartphone. I find it very slow to create new routes on the phone directly due to its small screen. Therefore I want to design the route on my PC and transfer the file to the phone.

    As a result of reading posts on this forum I've created a file called 'routing_points.xml' on my pc using Navigator 12 Free. I then transferred this file to the 'Navigator' folder on the phone but I can't use this file.

    As I say I'm not sure if I'm on the correct track so any advice would be welcome. I am a new user of this software, and have basic computer skills only, so please bear this in mind if making a comment.

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  • You are doing it correctly ... I am not sure what you mean by "but I can't use this file."? Do you have all necessary maps downloaded? Did you save separate routes on PC navigator? (not necessary but useful if you plan more complex trip)
  • Hi mdx and thanks for reply

    I'm clearly doing something wrong - I'll check later and get back to you

    Thanks again

  • Hi mdx,

    Thanks again for your comments. I don't know what I was doing but it is working perfectly now.

    For my own info I have listed the steps, as I see them, below. I am conscious that this is not for everyone but it may save time for someone, so would you mind casting an eye over it just to see that it is the proper way.


    To design a customised route on PC and play back the directions, on your smartphone, as you travel.

    To draft the route
    - open Navigator on PC

    - open and manipulate the map to facilitate your chosen route
    - click on the map at your starting point (clicking brings up a pop up menu) - select Start flag
    - click on map where you want to position a Way Point and select Way Point Flag from pop up

    - continue deploying Way Point Flags as desired

    - click at destination point and choose Finish flag from pop up

    To check the route in map view
    - press Menu (this will bring you back to the Main Menu screen)

    - select Route icon (Green diamond with Start & Finish Flags)

    - select Calculate Route (this will bring up a map with your route hightlighted)

    To save Route
    Select Menu screen & select My Routes (Blue diamond with white arrow)

    - select Save Set and give this route a name

    To clear Flags from map
    - Go to Main Menu
    - Select Route
    - Select Routing Points

    - Select Delete All

    Repeat the above for other routes, giving each one its own name

    To transfer to phone
    This information is stored in a file called 'routing_points.xml' in the Application Data folder of your PC. Each time you design a new route it is automatically stored in this file.
    - Copy this file to the Navigation folder of your phone.

    To view route on your phone

    - Start Navigator App on your phone and from the Main Menu (6 black icons on a white background) choose My Places
    - Select My Routes on the top right hand side

    - Choose the route you require

    - Choose Load - at this point a list of the Start, Way and Finish points will appear.
    - Open Main Menu screen and select Tools.
    - Select Calculate route

    After a moment your chosen route will appear highlighted on the map.

    To play back
    With your GPS activated you can start the audio navigation from the Start location by selecting 'Navigate'
  • nice :), thanks ...

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