Automatic night mode ?
  • Hello all,
    I usually use Igo on my GPS for car on WIndows CE (a Mappy Mini, which is, almost, a rebranded Myguide 3100. Some days ago, I've began to try NavigatorFree, as I find the openstreemap project interesting. I'm satisfied and interested by the software, for it seems efficient and well done.

    Just a remark :
    When I use Igo 8, the software is able to switch from day colour theme to night (and reverse from night to day), according to the time. AFAIK, NavigatorFree has to be switched manually. The difference can seem futile, but a night colour theme with dark colours is much more confortable when light becomes dim, and the ability to make ic automatic is IMHO opinion comfortalbe and safe (you don't have to make multiple clicks when you drive ...)

    It seemed to me that this feature existed on NavigatorFree, as I found an "auto-pilot" option in the day and night them options, but it doesn't seem to work ... or maybe this autopilot option has nothing to do with the automatic day/night switch I expect.

    Could this feature be implemented on NavigatorFree ... or could someone explain me how to do ?
    Thanks in advance !

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  • you can switch to auto in settings/night mode
  • on Android yes, on WinCE not (yet)
  • Thank you, actually I tried to activate the autopilot option but it didn't seem to change anything.

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