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  • Hi Martin,

    I've found a strange behavior of the router. It occurs in both version 11 and 12. It relates to the routing at a highway ramp. The first driveway is routed (but then in the wrong direction), I wonder if the second driveway would have been the correct route. On the highway, the route is then effected a 180 degree turn on the spot, and then get back on the correct route. If you run a routing in Germany of 64653 Lorsch, Rehngartenstrasse to Mannheim, Mallaustraße the routing error occures at about 49 ° 39'45, 2 "N 8 ° 34'27" ramp on the B460. The error could also be related on faulty openStreetMap material since the routing of Mapquest has the same routing error.

    regards Luke

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  • Hi Luke,
    this is due to error in map data.
    please correct it at
  • I had a similar problem last Saturday but I don't think it was a map error. Leaving Ramstein Airforce Base in Germany, I entered my home address as destination using Navigator FREE. Traveling down the local road L363, we came to the access roads to the Autobahn A6. The app wanted to send me West instead of East. Obviously ignoring the instructions, I went on the correct access road. The moment I did, the app corrected and worked from that point on correctly.

    Both Mapquest and Google Maps showed the correct route.
  • to consider this I would need exact departure and destination in lat/long
    Mapquest and Google do not use OSM so comparison cannot be made
  • also, you might want to use osrm in your descriptions as it is using osm data, e. g.
  • jose1711
    what is wrong with this route?
  • nothing - i am just saying that people in this forum should use this service to better indicate the problem :-)
  • Hi thomas,

    with NavigatorFree Version 12.0.4 and Map-Update  12/2012  the routing is correct now.

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