Bug when converting OSM map to Mapfactor map.
  • I think there is a bug when the OSM map is converted to Mapfactor map. When a road is mapped as a closed polygon in one piece, then it is not included in the Mapfactor map, although it is visible in the OSM map.
    3 examples
    56° 29´ 25.1" N   10° 00´ 56.9" E
    56° 43´ 42.9" N   10° 07´ 31.5" E
    56° 48´ 18.1" N   10° 16´ 48.2" E

    Only 3 examples but I think there must be a lot of them. I am using the 22-10-12 map for Denmark
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  • yes, you are right - two years ago that was "a quick fix" due to self-loops problem ... but now there are more than 3572 removed self-loops in Denmark :(. We will fix that.
    thanks for your report
       Martin & Pepa

  • Hi Martin & Pepa

    Thanks and I really appreciate that you always are on in this forum and reddy to give good answers. In this way we all will get a even better Navigation program
  • If you want to try recomputed version is here -
    if you find there any problem there, please let us know, because we will use the newer process for computing November OSM data.
       Martin & Pepa
  • Hi Martin & Pepa

    I have tried the changed map for a number of loops, and they are all visible now, and I can also use a point on the loop as a destination, so I think it is ok. Thanks

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