Allow u-turns in navigation
  • I have checked "Allow u-turns in navigation". When I am navigating and drive up a no exit street by mistake Navigator recalculates and displays the need to do a u-turn but there is no voice instruction to do a u-turn. Is this a bug in Navigator or have I not configured Navigator correctly?
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  • This option is relevant to waypoints only ... i.e. if you want to drive through them with turn-in-place or not.
  • Thanks for prompt comment mdx. I now understand that this option is relevant to waypoints only.

    However, that still leaves open a question as to why Navigator does not issue a voice instruction when I enter a no exit road by mistake.

    I tested it again today on a long no exit road. Navigator announced "recalculating the route" 4 times and displayed a green route leading out of the no exit road, but there were no voice instructions such as "make a u-turn when you can".

    Thanks for your advice.

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