What's wrong with The Woolwich Ferry?
  • I will be travelling from Cambridge to Crystal Palace and normally cross the Thames on the Woolwich Ferry. However the both the latest TomTom maps  and OSM on Android absolutely refuse to route via this ferry despite there being a ferry shown on the map

    Coordinates of the two sides are: North side: N 51.497758, E 0.060046 and South side : N 51.495171, E 0.061605.

    The vehicle road preferences are set for boat ferry (as are every other type).


    This ferry has been running for in its current form since 1965 and carries all sizes of freight FOC. So it is hardly a new service.

    What is the problem?


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  • click on the ferry link and set a wsaypoint there, alternatively click and select 'pancil' from the menu on top, then increase speed on that link.
  • I can confirm what Tomas wrote (TomTom data 2013.06 and 2013.09 - both are routing, but you may need to force it with waypoint or increasing speed).

    OSM data 2013.11 have problem on the south side. I tried to analyze it until I found:

    Routing fix for Woolwich Ferry
    Deleted 17 days ago by trigpoint
    Version #19 ยท Changeset #18922354

  • Thanks to both of you. I managed to read your comments while I was away but could not reply.

    The problem was that boat ferries although selected had 'urban speed' set at zero so it was never going to choose that route as fastest whatever additional waypoints I put in.

    Navigator just gets better and better.
  • Many thanks to you both. While I was abroad, I was able to read your comments but was unable to respond. 

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