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  • Hi,

    I just changed from navdroyd to navigator free. So far looks great except one little thing.
    When I zoom in I can't  see names of hotels, restaurants,... in Vienna metros/subways are missing too. Navdroyd had all this information, maybe they created maps more detailed.
    Would be great if you could think about that.

    btw. you can ask for 5-10 euros for navigator without problems. It would be still kind of free as long as you update the maps.

    Kind regards
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  • You probably know, that you can click on any object on the map, hotels, restaurants etc, then the click changes into a red circle. Then click on the INFO (I) symbol and most of the times there is more information about the symbol. For a hotel e.g. its name.

    But the names do not appear on the map automatically at any level of detail


  • And I do not want all these informations on my general map, when I do not need this information for navigation. 

    I would on a case by case basis use a checklist, which offers me to show a set of locations as "gasstations", "public transport stops" "hotels" and the like.

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