Multiple profiles on a single journey
  • It would be helpful to be able to apply different vehicle profiles to a particular legs of a journey. For example:

    We have recently driven from Calais to Ancona in Italy. Wherever possible we Try to avoid tolls as our motorhome is over 3500kg and these are particularly expensive in France. The optimum route would be through Switzerland but all of their road incur a toll charge.

    To route using my 'toll free' profile avoids Switzerland and increase the journey time/length by an unacceptable amount. Using the 'inc tolls' profile works for Switzerland but incurs French tolls.

    Would it be possible to 'tag' a waypoint with the desired profile which is applied until it is changed at a later one. Say Calais to Basel (toll free), Basel to Ancona (including tolls). This is a very simple example. There are occasions when using a short section of toll road may be desirable in an otherwise toll free journey.

    I can simulate this by stopping at a waypoint and changing profiles but it is cumbersome and reports inaccurate distances to the final destination.

    I also use Microsoft Mappoint for route planning where each leg of a journey can have different routing parameters applied but it cannot be used for navigation.


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