Contact address search does not work offline
  • I am using my Android device offline. When I click on the address of one of my contacts, Navigator cannot find it.
    Once I switch the internet on, it works like a charm.
    When I use the offline search function manually, the address (especially the house number) can be found.

    The address is:
    Elisabethstra├če 85
    32756 Detmold

    The according map is Germany west.

    Is it a bug or why does not the contact search work offline?
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  • Oh :-)

    The (stock) Android contacts addresses provide predefined fields for state, street, town, zip code and so on ...  Only the house number does not have a separate field, but in most cases can easily be determined.

    You could use that for the offline search as well ...?

    If not, you could at least forbid the contact search when offline or adding more info to the message: instead of saying only "Address not found", you could say "Error - Internet required" or similar. These are very little changes that improve usability a lot.
  • it is not a bug, it is and online feature using Google
  • The contact address search for Android is corrupted again.
    Internet connection is on. I click on an Android contact address. Navigator opens, but does not display the menu that would ask what to do with the address. I just see the main menu with no connection to the address.

    Tested with versions 1.2.34 and 1.2.39.
  • it never worked offline, it uses google to get co-ordinates
  • My last post was not about the offline thing ...
  • Would anybody please read more than the subject line ....? I see I should have opened a new topic instead.
  • it works for me, try to reboot your device
    BTW, I tried Osmand offline - it gave me list of seven addresses, none of them was correct
    it is not as easy as it looks
  • App data deletion + reboot indeed helped, thanks.

    You offer this workaround for many app problems for a looong time. Is there a chance MapFactor finally is able to fix the cause instead ...?
  • could it be Android problem?
  • How am I supposed to know? :-)
    I can only say: All other apps I am using do not have this kind of problem. I don't need regularly clear app data for other apps.
  • I do not know either, but I do not use other navigation apps often enough to be able to compare. With my Note II I need to occassionally reboot even with Mozilla.
  • It's a main feature of Navigator to me that it uses offline mapdata. It makes no sense to me, to have to use the Internet to find the location of an address. All of the required data is available offline. Are there plans to change that feature to do it offline?

  • Yes, it is a main feature of Navigator to use offline mapdata, like a couple of other OSM based nav apps, but the OpenStreetmap data hardly contains addresses. Only Denmark (100%) and the Netherlands (98%, as of 06 Sept 100%) contains full address data.
    For all the other countries the address coverage is 15-35% (this is a best estimate by me based on my own knowledge and research, and involvement in the Dutch address import)

    So if you really want to navigate on address you need the TomTom maps or you need to search the address online via Google. And you can do the latter in advance before you get in the car.

    Please don't blame Navigator for omissions in the map data.

    Edit: I forgot the full postcode coverage in the UK at least in Navigator

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