Speed limit in miles per hour?
  • Hello,

    I was using Navigator Free in the US and noticed that it doesn't show speed limits as it does in e.g. Germany, even if they are entered correctly in OSM. Given that speed limits are in miles per hour in the US, how do these get shown? Do the different speed units get correctly converted? Is there anything else that needs to be considered?

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  • go to Settings/Unit system
  • I have tried both "Metric" and "US" settings. In neither was the speed limit shown. 
  • Can you give me exact example I could check? (coordinate or way id)
  • It seems any road that is tagged with a maxspeed in miles per hour would be an example. But two random specific ones are:

    1) Commercial Road in London, UK (OSM way: 3640469)
    2) Flagstaff Road in Colorado, USA (OSM way: 17021692)

  • Hi apmon,
    thanks - you are right:
            if 'maxspeed' in attr and attr['maxspeed'].isdigit() and int(attr['maxspeed']) < 250:
              maxSpeed = int(attr['maxspeed'])
    we will fix that
    p.s. from your example I see that the space is probably not mandatory?
    (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/DE:Map_Features/Units#Speed ... Das Leerzeichen zwischen Wert und Einheit fehlt.)

  • maxspeed is unfortunately one of those tags where people are a little inconsistent, so there are a number of different versions of non-numeric values. By far the most frequent is "maxspeed=XX mph" but without blank is common too and some people use things like "maxspeed=30 km/h".

    Furthermore, there are values like "maxspeed=RO:urban" or "RU:rural" which indicates that the default urban or rural speedlimits of a country apply, although that tagging has always been considered rather controversial.

    A list of values and there frequency of use can be found on tagingo: http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/maxspeed#values

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