• Hi MapFactor-Team,

    what do you think about a split-screen feature?

    I've seen that on a few other systems. In my opinion, that could be a great feature for NavigatorFree. When I plan a route, often I don't use the routing-function. I usually create my ways on osrm.at , download the gpx-file and convert it with digger qt into a mca-mapfile. When I'm driving, I follow that line and come to my destination.

    With split-screen I could watch a very detailed view and a zoomed out one.

    For such a feature I could imagine to pay some money.

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  • Hello,

    I use the  MF PC version if  planning a route with an imported gpx-file. When setting enough waypoints on the trackline I get in the end a calculated routeline that is identical. The saved route I can import to my PNA.


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