How to find GPS coordinates on the map?
  • Is it possible to get the GPS coordinates of a point on a map with MapFactor for Android as we can do with OSMand?
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  • As far as I remember you can collect coordinates from the center of the map. So you have to move the point you want exactly to the center of your screen. Good luck!
  • I did not find a way to collect the coordinates.  Using "Position" in one of the three bottom fields of the map is useless because it never changes when I slide the map or when I click a point on the map.  When I click a point on the map, no menu item provides me with the coordinates.  The localization information of the point is given as an address (country, area, street name) without coordinates.
  • The only way to do this is to go to the Menu, Search and select the coordinates tab. This will show the coordinates of the centre of the map.
  • Thank you very much.  I am really stupid.  I always use the application in Portrait mode.  In this mode, only the first 3 tabs appear in the search function.  I had never noticed the 4th tab :-).  Thank you.
  • Well, in WinCE-Version you can click anywhere onto the map, on the top of the map opens the little menu with the buttons for setting a Start, Wayppint, Destination and so on. There's also a button with an "i" in a circle.

    Click that one. Now you can see lots of informations to that point. On top of that view you should see something like Bubble: 40°35'07.8"N 5°57'03.0"W

    Perhaps Android does the same?!

  • No, Android does not.  When you click on the map, a menu appears to let you use the point in different ways (starting point, way point, destination, seeing on the map...).  But I did not find a way to get the coordinates of the point.  But Oldie and jacob gave the solution :-)
  • Works well in the Windows PC version FWIW.
  • More easy, just type the address or point in the map to find the gps coordinates
  • A bit longwinded but here is how to do it.
    1. Pick point on map.
    2. Save as destination with chequered flag.
    3. Menu Route info.
    4. Pick destination, Show on map. (This centers map on point you picked)
    5. Menu, Search.
    6. Coordinates. (these are the coordinates of the point you picked)
    7. Pick Android back arrow to get rid of keyboard and pick map.
    Point is now displayed with coordinates.

    This only works for positions on streets that you can navigate to.

    To get the coordinates for places in the middle of a forest for example you have to save the position as a 'favourite' (the Star symbol) instead of destination then go to 'My places'  pick the place you saved and then show on map, the follow from point 5 above.


  • Quicker but not so accurate.
    1. Move point on map to middle of screen.
    2. 'Menu', 'Search', 'Coordinates'. Android 'back' arrow.
    3. The coordinates displayed are for the centre of the map.
    4. To see the coordinates displayed on the map pick 'Map' from the bottom right hand of the screen.

    To see coordinates of you current position while navigating.
    pick one of the three bottom panels and set it to 'Position'
  • check out, the simplest way to find the GPS coordinates in several geocoding

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