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  • Navigator Free with OSM navigates through private ways. This is not correct. Please, fix it.
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  • could you please give example?
  • Hi,

    Here's an example:

    For me Navigator Free with OSM sends me down this private way. It is a private road through the company Project Management. This route has been marked access=private since 2011. A gate has even just last weekend been put on one end but it made no difference. I don't want to go through there. For me currently with the latest Ireland map I can see this issue with:

    Set as departure: Saint Michael's Drive - The Maples, Cork County Cork, Ireland
    Set as destination: Omniplex, Cinema, County Cork, County Cork, Ireland

    and after I hit the 'Navigate' option in the 'Itinerary' tab and chose 'Show on map' this brought me through the private road in the company called Project Management.

    Ideally the route ought to have continued along St. Michael's Drive and joined the R852 road just by the Mater Private Hospital as seen in

    As JiriPrchal mentioned it is not correct that Navigator Free with OSM directs people through private roads. I also would appreciate that this is fixed. I myself experienced this issue with MapFactor Navigator Version: 1.0.35.

  • I think this was edited just a few days ago, it will be included in November release
    If I remember correctly, Jiri Prchal was a different problem - road he mentioned had a barrier, which was sometimes opened and sometimes not, it was not private road
  • Hi tomas,
    sorry, but the editing a few days ago had nothing to do with the "access=private"-tag. "access=private" is there since 1.Jul1.2011. riedlblower wrote that above and you see it in the way's history. Maybe its because of the several other access=*tags, which are not neccessary to my mind. "access=private" should be enough.
    I think, your routing should use roads with "highway=service" only, if there's no other possibility to reach the target. (See: This strategy could prevent routing through parking space as it happend to me sometimes calculating shortest way.
  • yes, you are right, I did not read it properly, may be mdx can explain
  • At the moment only the tag access=no (as well as motor_vehicle=no) is used. If I understand it correctly access=private, should behave the same way as access=no, right? In Navigator you would see it as "blocked road" (with XXX pattern), and Navigator will route there only if you place there departure/destination/waypoint. Please confirm and I will add this change.
    thank you
  • Hi Martin,

    I would be delighted if navigator would behave in the same way as access=no as access=private. As it stands I have no experience of coming across a road with access=no. I don't think I've seen a 'blocked road' as yet. If you could make the change though so that access=private is the same as access=no that would be great as I presume that would then prevent the Navigator directing me down roads with access=private. This happens to me every day now as I leave work from a company across the road from Project Management and their private road.
  • OK, done. This has influence on the first part of processing so you will see it in November data. If there is a time we may recompute Ireland just to see that it is working properly.
  • Hi Martin,
    I propose the way you handle access=private now  (but I didn't wake up early enough to say that befor your last post).
    Please think about to do the same with access=customers and customers=destination (see here: ). For me the routing-effect of these values should be the same as access=private, because you may use these roads only, if your target or your intention is in that area.
    Have a nice day and weekend
  • Hi Martin,

    Thanks for doing that and for all who commented and moved this along with really useful information.

    At my end on my Galaxy S3 what do I have to do to see the change on MapFactor Navigator? I'm presuming the app has to change how it interprets the 'access=private' designation and so do I have to wait until another version of this app comes out? When you say November data does this mean the next set of maps from OSM? If that is the case I feel confused as these maps will continue to say 'access=private' as they did previously. Or does November data mean something else again, like a new release of the Navigator app software and downloadable from the app store?

    If you want to test it out the departure and destination points in comment 2 above ought to be valid test material to verify whether the change works or not

    Thanks again,
  • This would be change of attribute in MCA file, so after you update your ireland_osm.mca (in November) all roads set as 'access=private' will be blocked. There is no need to update/change application (for this particular issue).
    p.s. I added access=customers too.
  • Hi Martin,
    there was a mistake in my lasT post. I wrote:
    "Please think about to do the same with access=customers and customers=destination (see here: )."
    Instead if "customers=destination" it should be "access=destination" and so you should add it as blocked similar to "access=private".
    Sorry about that.
  • access=destination is not a blocked road and should be used if the destination is along this road. That's basically what the "destination" as value mean. Not sure why hurdygurdyman is telling you to block the road. Usually access=destination should get so much minus points in the routing algo that it is only used if no other way leads you to your destination.
    You may want to think about using vehicle=no/private/... additionally to motor_vehicle= and access= (vehicle=no for example is used roughly 27,000 times, vehicle=private 37,000 times)

  • @SunCobalt:
    Reading upper posts you will see that the blocking of access=destination should only happen under that reason:
    In Navigator you would see it as "blocked road" (with XXX pattern), and
    Navigator will route there only if you place there

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