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    I have Navigator 12.1.10 installed (paid version) and now I see the there is version 12.3. Can I update the program only and not the maps (my maps are new since I bought the paid version in 2013)
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  • Yes, you can update and the 12.3.x should work with your maps from 12.1.x
  • 1 .Do I have to insert my code or will it take the code from the already installed version ?
    2. What is the changelog between the two version so I can see if I should update or not ?
    3. Should I do the update using the available free version ?

    sorry for all the questions but I want to get it right the first time since the installation is in my car pc and I don't want to rip it from car if something goes wrong
  • Rather backup your product key. The Setup Utility should remember it, but ..
    If you start from clean installation (i.e. not update within Setup Utility), insert your (activated) product key.

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