Fiji Maps Updated - Urgent Road One Ways
  • Hi There,

    I have just updated Fiji Map for Lautoka City & still working on Nadi Town area but need to know when will the OSM be synced with Mapfactor as there was wrong ways guided by the GPS navigator for the Fiji Map which was updated on July 22, 2012. For Lautoka City, Navigator was guiding to go into streets which was one way only. This can cause mishaps for new drivers who would want to use this map. I have fixed the city roads on OSM and can see its updated.

    Please advise when the Map Factor will update that map so I can download and test again on my GPS.

    Many Thanks.
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  • Hi dafijian,

    are you using NavigatorFree 11? If so, then have a look to this thread

    Maybe NavigatorFree 12 could help you, but it is Beta.


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